Get Ready for the


By joining us for the #Hodlerdrop, deep dive into the brand new L2 features and get rewarded for your commitment to Lisk!

Step 1: Bridge

Bridge at least 0.01 ETH to Lisk L2 using the Lisk Bridge. We recommend bridging a slightly higher amount to pay for transactions on Lisk L2.

Level up your LSK by migrating to Lisk L2. Need a hand? Dive into this blogpost for all the tips and tricks!

Assign your voting power on the Lisk DAO to yourself or to another delegate within the DAO.

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How to claim your Airdrop?

Participate in Lisk Staking! Not sure how to do? We've made sure to tell you all right here!

Get Ready, you will soon be able to claim your airdrop from the Lisk Portal!

Step 2: Migrate

Step 3: Stake

Step 4: Delegate

Step 5: Get Ready to Enjoy

Head over the Lisk Portal now and make sure you're eligible for the HodlerDrop!

Lisk Portal

Am I eligible and how much can I get?!

  • Earn up to 25,000 LSK in airdrop, depending on the number of LSK you hold!

  • You are eligible for 10% of your migrated LSK amount, up to 250,000 LSK.

  • A minimum of 50 LSK is required.

  • Remember! The HolderDrop only supports self-custodial wallets!

Unlock your Full Hodlerdrop Potential

  • Having 0.01 ETH at the moment of claiming.

  • Delegating voting power in the Lisk DAO.

  • 50% of your migrated LSK have been staked for at least 2 months at the moment of claiming.

  • Have 50% of your migrated LSK staked for at least 7 months at the moment of claiming.

While not mandatory, completing those 4 steps will unlock your full Hodlerdrop potential! 

 Each of the following unlocks 25% of your airdrop amount:

Ready to Start ?!

Hodlerdrop Calculator